A FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday September 1st, 2009

via Eric’s Little Dark Star.

The daisy chain of links that groups us all together: some news.

Its was the Awaodori festival in Tokyo last Sunday – whose enchanting dances I first saw in Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (sorry I can’t actually find the video). The results for the worst british architecture awards are in – funnily enough, partly judged by Bad British Architectecture. I’m still in love with the stop-motion architecture site of Flores Prats, (thanks to the Twitter source for the reminder). In the world of photography Nick Veasey has some dope x-rays, and Alex Prager tries to capture the 70′s girl. Bit of a thinking one, Michael Tawa’s design lexicon, a dense site of interesting etymology.

Saudi Arabia is pretending that the country has no history before The Prophet. Cause and effect: the Bush-Saudi connection / the last column from the Twins is back at square one. Possibly also related, Kevin Spacey and George Clooney star in a new film about psychic soldiers. Certainly related, MyNinjaPlease also goes back to NY, and visits Frank. ClickMuslim, a dating service. Another religious group trying to capitalise on the internet: Laser Monks (sadly, apparently not like an existential laser tag) – just “Real Savings. Real Monks.” Mum, if you’re reading, blessed toner for Christmas please.

Young, amazingly self-obsessed women seem to be getting louder (or maybe I’m just receiving a heavy dose at the moment) and they’re asking the hard webcam questions: ‘How do I do a neutral midde-school look?‘, ‘How do I fake abs?‘ Still, it is amazing the difference a bit of make-up can make. Natalie Portman plays with some kittens, Arrested Development’s George Michael (Michael Cera) is abused Between Two Ferns, and Charlie the sci-fi writer goes on tour of a nuclear facility.

A lonely housewife is driven to insanity by her boring husband and trains her cat to eat with fork. Why Hooters waitresses are the most coveted sexual partners. A video that did the rounds in Paris a while back, even though the song is of dubious quality: a naked woman walking down the street, sex sells I guess… Your New Reality, a blog. Volcanoes versus lightning, not as exciting as Mothera versus Godzilla. Segway: what does the phrase ‘post-nature‘ mean, anyway?

Robot hookers of the future will recognise you and remember your preferences, but I can’t work out if that will make it better or boring. Time Team’s Mick Aston tells us about his work (Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons have become acceptable as nerd activities, but I still get no respect for my ‘archaeology, yes!’ t-shirt). Some of those dead bodies in the Thames I mentioned are much older than you might think. Confusingly, there are spaces in space that are going no place, and we want to go to them; Nasa chews over the possibility of sending astronauts on a Venus flyby in a lunar lander (not exactly what I had in mind).

Copy or original? Larry David makes a show about making a show about a Seinfeld re-union that’s about a Seinfeld re-union. The Call of Duty city, real versus digital: Hexkey on informatic dross. New type of photography? Time captured in some amazing animated gifs. Detroit is in ruins, while the tallest building in the world has some surpisingly normal interiors.

To wrap things up, a good old fashioned On This Day: 1902, humanity starts thinking seriously about going to the moon; 1939, Hitler invades Poland (don’t mention the war); 1974, the Blackbird flies London to New York in a l
ittle over an hour; 1985, the Titanic is discovered (Conrad on its loss).

2 Responses to “A FISTFUL OF LINKS”
  1. linda says:

    haha wow, very serious issue addressed here; hard hitting indeed – 'how to fake abs'(?!) hmmm, maybe my priorities in life are all wrong. thanks for the links, i love this section of your blog.

  2. Jack Self says:

    Thanks, I've decided to make tuesday a fistful of links day – just to lighten the otherwise too serious tones of Millennium People.