AA RE-LAUNCH  -  Sunday November 28th, 2010

Relaunch poster!

The re-launch of Millennium People last Wednesday was timed to coincide with our involvement in the Thrilling Wonder Stories #2 event (Jack Self and Aram Mooradian on tweetdeck, Eleanor Dodman on audio visuals) – and featured a number of posters being put up around the school by means of advertisement. The first is featured in the Back to the Future post, but I thought I would explain the other three (the set is now available from the MP Posters page). #2 features a Nintendo controller with the buttons ‘Start’ and ‘Something’ (pretty self-explanatory); #3 is a quote from Adolf Loos about how an architect’s role is never to simply find new forms (ahem) and #4 is an oblique reference to the idea of an AA Mac Time Machine. While the glory days of the AA may undoubtedly have been the 70′s (when Archigram walked the halls, car loads of our kids appeared in Antonioni films and Kieth Richards drank at the bar), nonetheless this type of nostalgia is unhelpful at best. The AA must look primarily forwards if it wants to retain any relevance in contemporary architectural discourse. For this reason I really disagree with projects that attempt to ride off the reputation of these times to bolster their reputation.

Regular posts to resume this week – everything you loved about MP1 and more.

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