BABY WITH THE BATHWATER  -  Friday March 5th, 2010

Left vs. Right, via Information is Beautiful.

“I pity you politicians” a noted novelist remarked last night, turning to Boris Johnson – mayor of London. The response from the Question Time studio was an odd, humourless laughter. This audience, chosen as an indicative cross-section of the nation, were divided on many a subject, but on one thing they all agreed: the state of British politics is unsustainable. Like Psalms, politicians move from strength to strength – finding ever more ingenious ways to mud-sling and expose and scandalise. The QT yardstick of Britain (aka the Vox Populaire) seems to be growing tired of the complete lack of policy presented by anyone.

What Britain needs is an Obama (albeit perhaps one with a sharper tongue). Watch this space for more news on this apparent apogee of political discontent.

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