BERGCLOUD  -  Sunday December 4th, 2011
It is not surprising, for anyone that knows the work of Berg London, that perhaps the most compelling recent development in the Internet of Things comes from their office’s project: Bergcloud. The first product to be developed is Little Printer (on sale in 2012) – a wireless miniature printer producing customised “newspapers” directly from your smartphone.

Little Printer’s deployment of existing technologies (I presume a cash-register heat printer is at its heart) is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a digital design studio with architectural backgrounds (BERG) might envision for the cloud, and I will be following this project with interest. Perhaps what I would like to see most is the hybridisation of Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAD-CAM) with Web 2.0 bidirectional information generation (and all its associated technologies: 3G, 4G, wireless, etc).

Read more on the Little Printer at Domus.

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