BRITISH TELECOM  -  Tuesday November 30th, 2010
Last summer I had the opportunity to be one of 500 visitors permitted up the BT Tower (one of my favourite structures in London). I photographed my friend Grace at the summit – what an amazing view of the City behind her – reading 032c (one of my favourite magazines). As you will see from their Society page, we made the cut. The Tower was closed to the public 30 years ago after an IRA bombing, and the group of 500 were the first tourists back since then. Let me share with you two fantastic films documenting the telephone exchange: The Post Office Tower of London & The New Tower. Brilliant stuff.

Also reminds me of an MP original design proposal from 2009 about re-purposing the structure into an airship conning tower… ah, such youthful Millennial naivety…

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  1. David says:

    so edgy