FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday August 25th, 2009

For a profound look at our impact on the landscape, you can’t go past the photography of Edward Burtynsky.

Tomorrow will be a punchy piece on Venus (yeah, more space, sorry, but the passion is perennial so it’s bound to fade soon). In the meantime, a soft roll of links into the gym mat that is our lives: some news.

Kunstler goes on a tirade against the high-line, Myoung Ho Lee questions the boundaries of nature, and it turns out our prehistoric ancestors were just as un-environmentally-minded as we are. The New Museum lost the plot and went ///mad, while Teno Sehgal rolled around on the floor. Art? (It seems very easy, but then as morenewmath points out, “Modern Art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t”) An Australian man is super-glued to a toilet seat as a practical joke, and mining of the Canadian oil-sands continues full speed.

“We put it in a black plastic bag”, Irishman Fitzharris explained, when asked by incredulous archaeologists how he managed to retrieve a 3,000 year-old barrel of butter from a bog. Los Angeles is planning to re-create a section of the Berlin Wall to celebrate the 20th anniversary (also in California, a teetering bunker, a bit like my own). Meanwhile, Texas is going to Agent Orange up to 130 miles of dense foliage along the Mexican border. Archi-ninja asks ‘who is the most over-rated architect?‘: Zaha finally builds something. 10 things you’ll never hear an architect say.

Dope smokers being robbed of sexual highs, and Athens is burning (I was there only recently). Obama tells Nasa to find their moon money somewhere else. Madrid men are illuminating the city with their urine. Re-burbia results in (phh). London’s first green wall dies, those of Quai Branly are still in fine form (gees that Patrick Blanc is a weird guy). Alan Bean paints the moon. The heavily addictive word game- wordpop.

Lightning has been caught doing something rare, going up into the sky, while the mushroom cloud remains firmly buried underground. Nokia avoids playing catchup to Apple by not releasing an iphone rival, and a new engine has been invented powered by ice and aluminium. Michael Wolf, the link you love and then forget about, and then love again. Curbed investigate an apparent property fraud by a resident of Nouvel’s Soho building (here he is having his head lactated on by an air hostess). The Conservative alternative to Youtube. Finally, KFC releases burger made with two pieces of chicken in place of buns, and Prince Charles’ buildings are falling apart.

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    I just went to the "Conservative alternative to Youtube". I was the only person online…