FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday January 19th, 2010

Iceland, via Kevin Cooley. Related, false landscapes.

What’s that in my fist? Why, its a bunch of fresh cut roses for my love: some news.

Spillway’s Raging for the Machine. Related, CommunistRobot. Kind of related, how many computers have been sold this year (in real-time)? Not really related, how many track combinations can you get out of an Ikea train set? It seems like a bit of a Brio rip-off if you ask me (old-school Brio you understand, before it got all hi-tech). Related, the meaning of the word brio.

Cliqset, another one of those open-plan internet tools (like we didn’t have enough social networks already). Related, social image bookmarking: Super related, 500px. Accidental social networking ‘I found your camera…’

I really love the xkcd cartoons (left). Consistently brilliant. Some cool WW2 posters. 50′s fonts and stock images. Fuck Yeah! Dioramas! First person tetris. The golden age of comic books.

Not sure if you heard, but Banksy and Robbo have been having some sort of graffito spray-off in Camden: Banksy started it, then Robbo replied, and now Banksy is getting it again.

The dangers of a high-information diet. Goddamnit. Ten classic Simpsons episodes. Pretty much right, I reckon. The Harbin Ice Sculptures. Crayola colours go crazy. When I threw rocks at a glacier this is pretty much what I heard. I mean, I could go on forever, there’s just so much crap out there (my own included), but I’m going to stop it right there and end with this bad boy:

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