FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday January 26th, 2010

via the Londonist Flickr pool

You’ll get on that net; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life: some news.

The Londonist has been good this week (providing the shot above, as well as notifying me of the enormous collection of old films available at the London Transport Musem). Also, the tube map of the galaxy. Some futuristic stuff: man’s future in Hydrospace; Female Androids.

In the news this week: a movie recently made by chimps surprisingly not related to anything on the interactive chart of 2009 US movie hits; related, 50 incredible Polish film posters. Unrelated, South Koreans told to make babies. Tech: how tough are NES games? How many computers made this year? Bubble-wrap turns 50– and goes virtual (via this isn’t happiness).

Russian iceskaters impersonate Aboriginals (which they saw on Youtube), win gold (Russian dance here). Also ice cold, a coyote frozen in its tracks. The meaning of a short squeeze (not sexual). Related, (vaguely sexual) pixelated nudes (as seen at left). Related, perhaps, Curious Expeditions. Also curious, a cross-section of two women (one who is fat).

Now, there seems to be some debate going on over why it was so cold this winter, leading some to comment on the gulf-stream myth. Topical: the airport scanners that look at you nude, and which don’t work anyway. Also airport security, “If the US can create Avatar, they can fake 9/11” says Malaysia’s former premier. Vaguely related, first-world problems.

Finally, via Cessums.

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