FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday February 2nd, 2010

The Chloride Lake, via English Russia.

Cha Chink: some news.

Some big news actually: we will find Earth’s twin by the end of the year. Yeah! Related, fusion energy is on the way. Still related, Mammoth’s top 10 architecture list from the last decade (including the LHC at CERN). A store in London with no packaging, I think its sad that I find this actually novel. Still London, my local cinema turns 100. What school grade would you give Obama? (asks Fox). Pop quiz, should the US sell weapons to Taiwan? Or, like, what’s the deal with that? Haiti Ghetto Biennale; One frame per day: that’s very, very slow television.

“Like Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst, the success of their blatant shit-ness speaks volumes about the state of their field, its ideologies and economies.” Entschwindet und vergeht on Zaha Hadid Architects… Other dystopic visions: a construction update on Harry Potter World at Universal Studios; 24 abandoned hotels, derelict soviet structures, (which look a bit like 1960′s Birmingham) and the last tourists are air-lifted out of Machu Picchu. Also, one that just won’t go away – I hear about Fordlandia about once every 6 months.

“Future Olympic Park (2007)” by Bas Princen

Death: Sir Terry Pratchett, of the Discworld series, reveals he wants to be a test case for state assisted suicide in Britain; Holden Caufield lives on, but Salinger is decidedly catching in the rye. A bit of a shock to hear Nick Dewar is dead too. He was only 37. That’s one of his on the left…

On a lighter note, a dictionary of blogger rhetoric. “Barred: If you have been barred from a blogger’s comments thread it is always because you ‘reminded them of some uncomfortable truths’, you ‘told it like it was’ etc, never beccause you were an insufferable troll or (for example) a tedious prick whose diversionary ramblings and clumsy put-downs were an embarrassment to all but yourself.” Also web, I hope you didn’t miss Google Data Privacy Day 2010. Still related, the new Apple iPad (just a big iPod really). Also, how Apple thought it would look in 1988.

Finally, something sent in by an old friend of Millennium People:

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  1. tan crayon says:

    Hello there. I just found a comment of yours on my littlebrownurl blog. I tend to blog for about two months annually :D

  2. Jack Self says:

    ha. that was last september! still, better late than never… are you going to start blogging more frequently again?