FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday February 9th, 2010

Photo by Rob Hann.

I’m behind on my posts: some news.

A fast and furious fistful this week, in preparation for next Tuesday, which will be the 20th week of Fistful of Links (coinciding roughly with the 8th month marker of this blog’s humble origins). Google Zurich’s courteous bathroom instructions. Also Google, the End of the Road (a streetview-inspired blog). Still roads, even ET knows you shouldn’t drink and drive; Moving a house in Chile with oxen because the land it was built on is haunted; Getting over oil one town at a time (a la grassroots). I would love to hear some real examples. 365 ampersands (as it sounds), also nominal 299 children. Also children, an idea to pack students in shipping containers & the controversy of Rio’s sexy seven year-old.

The art of Alex Gross, Marquis, Ori Gersht. Not related: Nazi Gold. Re-designing the boarding card; Paul Rudolph drawings; Create your own motivational posters, and an analysis of what they all mean. Just in case the interweb was getting all too predictable: a blog for tribal african turn of the century photography. Also, Angry People in Local Newspapers.

London’s new freesheet (or free-shit). It should go down well with the building based on a flip-bin (I also find it ironic that an East London art pub will be demolished to make way for an art-themed hotel). The Bear Chair. A new blog about mis-reading architecture: deepthroatdiary (safe for work). If you’re a geek what you going to do with 5 iphones? A short film collaboration between Dali and Disney. Wigs for children: Baby Bangs. No final film this week.

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