FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

Alone, by Mark Weaver.

How Millennial are you? Unsettlingly, Millennium People is only 89% New Millennium. We say 11% of the test is out of date. Still Millennium: The Long Now, Rosetta Disk and LongPlayer (the 1000 year long song). Not Millennium, 25 nostalgic images. Different Millennium, a line of burning torches lighting all of Hadrian’s wall; a futuristic short film doing the rounds (weak plot, strong images).

Signs of the times: Information is a verb (photography and that); a timeline movie of the contruction of the International Space Station (ISS); when will Facebook get its Mario? Also, how much data Americans consume in a day; Twitter on your car radio (en francais); does web 3.0 exist yet? MP says no. The Memory Marathon.

Battle Popes, 2007 by Jamie Adams.

Class statement: how the web is creating a new wave of consumers. Related, the working class of the knowledge economy. Microsoft sucks. Look at who use it. The submerged ice lake forests of Russia, also water, the bike that filters your drinking water as you ride. Images of London in the 1960′s – Images of London today (I really like this photostream) – what I’m really getting at is London, now and then; things got weird. Art: Ali Bosworth. The new US embassy is causing a stink; moving a whole town in Sweden; a post-secret variant + angry science letters from 3rd graders. Light photography using fireworks; an amazing Russian singer (via an old friend of MP).

Finally, the world’s most generic news report:

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