FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday September 8th, 2009

New Babylon: crazy utopian dreams.

Chain chain chain. Chain of fools: some news.

Banning porn may harm soldiers’ morale, presumably because since 1917 soldiers have been discouraged from getting any from prostitutes (“for the sake of the girl back home chaps, don’t take risks, the hospital is full of fellows that did”). Puts me in mind of this real-time WW1 blog. And while I’m on audacious public safety films, this has to be the worst ever made, via 30gms).

But I feel for the soldiers. Ask anyone, it’s not easy being a young man (as the graph makes clear). Still on war, my cousin Ivan’s stop motion lego videos (I particularly like the grenade effects). Related, Lego Escher. Not related, the photography of Terry Evans.

Friends recently compared my blog activity to this fathead, which I tried to laugh off. If only I could be as witty as the 60′s answer to Oscar Wilde: Marshal McLuhan (“LSD may just be the lazy man’s form of Finnigan’s wake”). I diverted my negative thoughts by looking at a whole bunch of mining explosions and the top ten scenes from Twin Peaks.

Ah, Mother London! But what do they do? Unlikely to be related, current affairs from the Londonist. Although I tend to get more interested by the city’s possible future than its present: 40 awesome futuristic cities; Sisto’s tunnel of automotive love; underwater NY by Alex Lukas. Or equally, how it might have been: the Guggenheims that never were.

Word from home is that the Australian National University has found a way to de-salinate water using nanotubes. I love my Mac, and I love you Steve Jobs: Apple creates a micro-camera for the new Nano. But I don’t love you Michael (you kiddie-fiddler): finalists for the memorial, over at Bustler.

Finally, all the world is in uproar about Ikea’s font decisions (I first heard from Canabula, and last heard from Things) but at an emotional level, I am far more concerned by this, from Carrefour. Unlike Things I make no effort to put the web in context: the gingers are out in force, and blondes get their own keyboard (can they do that?).

Keith Loutit presents a moving maquette of Australia – this one reminds me of home… (similar)

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