FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Thursday April 15th, 2010

Lake Reflection by C.D. Sessums

Millennium People, I’m talking to you. This is how we make it happen: some news.

Several months ago I wrote about Iceland (saga style) after a trip there. At the national soil institute I remember staring at a massive volcano on the horizon and asking if it was dormant. “Far from it” the friendly scientist had replied “its long overdue for a really impressive explosion!”

That has happened.

Signs of the times: You can now direct an ad campaign from your desktop with Google TV ads – makes sense really. TV killed the radio, and now TV itself is being killed by the Internet. But does Google have too many moving parts? Cuba starts down the slippery slope to capitalism… Pulitzer won by online journalism – final proof (no pun) that print is no longer relevant in a digital world. Quite sad really. Yes indeed, the future is coming at us thick and fast (that’s what she said); related, something that’s done the rounds several times, from waaay back in 1995, we discover why the Internet will fail.

“Polar Night”, by Gronsky.

Signs you’re behind the times: 3 years ago some friends in Sydney asked me if I wanted to come to Earth Hour. I said no, it would never take off.The Vatican tries to justify linking paedophilia with homosexuality. Idiots. That’s like saying a beard is the same thing as a scarf. Beard scarf. Catholic related, three-person IVF: its like there’s a party in my egg and everyone’s invited. Parent related, sob story / what constitutes a mother?

source unknown

Lightning makes mushrooms grow, apparently. Also the case in East London. Unrelated, what’s going on inside your body? Eventual Ghost tells rock stars to pull their goddamn heads in. Related, inside the biggest fact-checking conference in the world; (Where else but Germany?); Its lonely in the modern world: Unhappy Hipsters. Very similar, but serious: ArchNow (a new one of those daily architecture sites); Street View time-lapse: an inevitable project; Project Daedalus (sci-fi art, kind of); Kodak Moments: image library of the last several decades (in colour). Related, Nevada Test Site Oral History; Early digital art; cheating is hurting China’s reputation; Amazing images of old New York; also NY: Easter shootings in Times Square.

Finally, in the words of a great man: “let’s add a layer of awesomeness!”

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