FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday September 15th, 2009

“Remember the old Simon and Garfunkel song ‘slow down, you’re moving to fast’? Well that says a lot about life, and about cat massage.” Related, ‘Glorious Scarves‘.

An iron fistful of the weekist links: some news.

CNN asks if there’s going to be a 9/11 sequel: I agree, there were just so many plot holes in the first one. Controversial: America the gift shop. Raunchy: Pixxxel (safe for work). Of course, CNN are not the only people who have been making up film titles (Seinfeld). Also film: Creation, a film about Darwin, is not released in the US – supposedly because only 30% of Americans believe in evolution and studios think it will flop. Comments are a laugh.

Pictures of Nouvel’s bust… Air France stewardesses like lactating on the great man, but Aer Lingus prefer to simply tell the French they’re about to die. Vaguely related, I met one of the guys working on this last year when he passed by Jean’s in Paris. I’m not even sure how to respond, to be honest.

A paragraph about social change: watching this video influences public policy, easy as that. Laser graffiti is used to fake a gaol breakout (made funnier because its in Dutch). Homeless man tazered, catches fire– oily skin thought to blame. Man in home oiled, catches fire – portion of Nando’s chicken to blame. In the same vein, so to speak: ‘fat kid loves bacon.’ Related, a man makes some averagely ok art with hamburger grease, but I quite like a plane of strawberries hit by a bird. Bust some space. Related, bust a move: why don’t we dress like Grandmaster Flash anymore?

No links, shake a fist. Ramble: I cannot stand women that lecture me on child psychology (for a man with no children, it happens remarkably more frequently than you might think). I really don’t care whether a child is incapable of understanding the concept of death before the age of 8 – I’m just going to flat out tell him: Jimmy. Your. Dog. Is. Dead.

Nick Sowers indulges my love for bunkers and all architecture military– to my intense delight (good luck finding the Arrested Development version). An ex-Jockey helps the cops out by running down criminals on horseback. Similar, the amazing Hawaii chair. There are over 50 things that are being killed by the internet, including:

A man recently went through a mid-life crisis, but through quiet negation his wife manages to delude him into accepting his own happiness. What? Effective: one crime solved per 1000 CCTV cameras. Londoners unite: Meta Loca London. Unrelated, Lovefoxxx sells out to Vice, and gets a blog.

Finally, NSFW: after doing a google search for “christian dildo america teenagers” (to settle an argument about statistics, you understand) it lead me to: Christian teens being encouraged to use “saddlebagging” (“unprotected anal sex”) as a means to preserve their virginity. Related, I also discovered that Dildo is a bay in Newfoundland, (Canada) just beneath the Spread Eagle, between Chapel Arm and Norman’s Cove (map).

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