FISTFUL OF LINKS  -  Tuesday September 29th, 2009

Facebook: the massively multiplayer online role-playing game via Canabula, via Swiss-miss, via Some Grey Bloke.

Some weeks are better than others: some news.

Gordon Brown has vowed to fight the election on the side of the “squeezed middle classes” – are we heading for a Millennium People-like situation? If we are to believe what we hear about the rising price of ink, and link it with historical context (the 1905 Russian Revolution was in part sparked by outraged printers) could we be heading for bourgeois revolts? Admittedly, the printers failed. Related, the ‘city is a battlesuit for surviving in‘ (via Future Metro). Less related, a Mad Max fan from Yorkshire moves to Outback to imitate his hero, family follows behind. Not really related, but still interesting, the art of Chris Foss at Sci-fi-o-rama. More related, a page on Alsop from McGill and a cool project called Sea City.

I spent years looking at outside of a 64 controller, find more game console x-rays here.

I just found out where the Gates of Hell are (Uzbekistan, someone tell Borat) via English Russia. Related, a Moscow seaman sings “let it be“. Vaguely related, 7 bunker homes. Those folks at Berkeley have worked out how to create 3d models from photographs – really quickly too. Related, a man takes a very long time to build his house out of Lego. Can you tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial? The day after you die, a weblog. How many horror films use the “I’ve got no signal” trick to isolate their vicitms? Over 60, apparently.

Who are the most over- and under-rated architects? Archininja asked, the People spoke: Zumthor and Ito are under-dogs, Zaha is just the regular kind. Not related, teens are “coming out” practically as children these days, according to the NY Times. Related, child nude of Brooke Shields causes a stir. The future is coming, but a Kraft Vegemite lunchbox treat called “iSnack 2.0” will not be part of it. Mexican air rights. Not related, Adam Rice et al do a round up of racially-based sites: Black People Love Us (a middle class white couple that are loved by all their african-american neighbours); Stuff White People Like (Moleskines, funny or ironic tattoos); Stuff Asian People Like (Hello Kitty, role playing games) and Racialicious.

Finally, (a short one this week, hopefully it doesn’t show) automotive creativity in advertising, the Pirate Party comes to Oz, and NZ’s Simpsons donut gets “buggered“.

So, until we meet again at the same place, at the same time, next week:

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