HIATUS  -  Monday November 30th, 2009

Its that time of year again.

Rather than let Millennium People drift into the region of half-written, never posted entries with the obligatory Fistful keeping the thing ticking along, MP is going on holiday – to the Arctic of all places. Next post no later than Christmas Day… with a re-launch and re-vamp for the New Year.

Take a load off, Sally. Take a load for free. And happy holidays…

2 Responses to “HIATUS”
  1. marry says:

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  2. amber says:

    Bit odd but I am slightly blown away by your blog- have been sucked into it by a scatterbrain thing/piece/connection which Perry showed me, and I am meant to be working on my dissertation so tearing fingers from keyboard…

    I am trying to do something vaguely similar to it except involving music staves and poetry fragments (different type of architecture) so post Arctic (I hope you see the Northen Lights) please drop me a message…

    [Dina's daughter] [ask Perry if confused] Xx