ICELAND #1  -  Sunday December 27th, 2009

Millennium People is back, with a new look (pretty sweet), new series of posts, but the same agenda: to examine the spirit of the times, to psychoanalyse the people of the new millennium. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before; to the meat in the millennial sandwich…

Iceland is a microcosm for the current global condition. Crippled by the last financial crisis, it is also the home to several of the world’s largest glaciers, all of which are quickly disappearing. It is the only country powered by 100% renewable sources, and is one of only two countries permitted to hunt whales (the other is Japan). Down its middle is a ridge formed from the tectonic movement of the European and American plates, shifting against each other at the rate of about 1cm a year. In 20 million years Iceland will be the largest nation in Europe.

Examining the country in terms of energy and sustainability, the development of both global warming and global economic systems has practical applications at a larger scale. Over the next couple of posts Millennium People will recount its exploits to the strange land of Iceland…

2 Responses to “ICELAND #1”
  1. alix says:


    The ridged shard of glass and the northern lights and the escarpment that looked like a wide skate board wall (glacial erosion?).

    Amazing photos. Lucky you.

  2. Tom says:

    You might be interested to know that Norway is permitted catch whales commercially (rather than “scientifically”) and openly hunts whales.