L'ARCHITECTURE D'AUJOURD'HUI  -  Monday July 20th, 2009

My one-time boss and long-time idol Jean Nouvel is relaunching the French magazine “l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui” (Today’s Architecture). I was amazed by how little information can be found on the web, in either English or French, given the significance of the magazine – it doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Founded in 1930 by Andre Bloc it ran until 2007, when it hit financial difficulties. It was a magazine instrumental in the dissemination of Modernism, particularly as a mouthpiece for Corbu and his cronies in the post-war rush to build the least functional suburbs in the world. Nouvel cites it as one of the ways he first heard about Claude Parent, his mentor [Parent worked extensively with Paul Virilio, and his fascination with bunker architecture can be seen in projects like the Eglise Saint Bernadette. I am still trying to find a copy of their 'Architecture of the Oblique', which has been out of print for some time.] Other participants in the relaunch include Shigeru Ban, Gehry, Winy Maas and Philippe Starck. Definitely worth keeping an eye out.
A video for Francophones.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is really interesting. Could you please tell me your sources?
    J'aimerai contacter justement ce journal s'il etait amener a ressurgir.

  2. Jack Self says:

    C'est trop bizarre, leur blog n'existe plus.
    Quand meme, j'imagine que vous pourrait les contacter par leur site:


    et voici leur groupe facebook.

    J'espere que ca vous aide.