NSW VS. MANHATTAN  -  Sunday January 31st, 2010

Tottenham Court Road Tube, on Flickr, via the Londonist.

A quick response to Dan Hill at City of Sound, who tweeted recently:

“If the ENTIRE world’s population had the density of Manhattan everyone would fit into New South Wales. Can someone prove this for me, cheers”

The density of Manhattan is 27,490.9/km2 (wiki) and the area of New South Wales (a state of Australia) is 809,444 km2. Therefore, if New South Wales had the density of Manhattan (which is, I believe, the question) then you could fit 22,252,344,060 people.

The current world population is 6,692,030,277 (google) so you could fit about 3.3 worlds into NSW.

One Response to “NSW VS. MANHATTAN”
  1. Perrie says:

    And they would all love living here!!