SHARKS IN SPACE  -  Sunday August 23rd, 2009

via Discovery.

In tracking shark movements, scientists have observed large congregations of sharks during specific lunar cycles, as well as intensified feeding habits.

In some areas, they’ve also examined shark attack statistics and found that, understandably, attacks on humans increase in frequency during the lunar phases that intensify feeding behavior, as well as when tides bring them in closer contact with humans.

Sharks are great. They are sleek, strong, silent and remorseless – not to mention deadly (they will leave you with some badass scars). And now Discovery adds to our databank of shark knowledge the fact that sharks are affected by the moon, just as we all are (to varying degrees) – and that certain periods of the lunar cycle create werewolf-like shark feeding orgies. Neat.

Segway. Why did no one ever ask the only woman to land on the moon if anything weird happened to her menstrual cycle? If and when we get back to that heavenly body (the moon, not the astronaut) what will the effects on our physical rhythms be, from a lunar standpoint? Will future generations of Selenites (after the moon goddess) refer to crazy people as terratics?

Humans cannot live comfortably, at least for the moment, without the environment of Earth. So assumedly, at some point, we will create an open body of water on the moon. What will happen to the creatures we bring there when the Sea of Crises is a sea of crisis? How will the sharks navigate, and know when its time for the feeding frenzy?

Another question to chock up on the moon board of “gee, I don’t know Jack”s.

An amazing chart from the Google Moon service, where you can walk in 3d over the surface, see Apollo pictures and even rare archival footage. That’s great!

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