STOCKING FILLERS (HO HO HO)  -  Friday December 25th, 2009

Santa and his elephant, via Minesota Historical Society, see also Sociological Images on Black Pete

Fill your stockings with this hefty packet of links: arranged in no particular order.

Top 10 people who died too young. Related, Young Gallery (not really, its cool pictures of animals and shit); what breakfast cereal you should eat; related, Cairo: garbage city; the Japanese ex-mining town/modern ruin that is Gunkanjima; abandoned malls (a really good one that); Sustainability is a myth; Badass of the week.

Drawings of Ray guns; tricks of the eye? street installations; like, what even is that thing, in that jar? Thing in a jar; stupid IT questions; DIY converting text to binary; how to dress up like a lego man; emoticons from the 70′s made with a typewriter; a weird, but gramatically correct sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Send a postcard from NASA to the International Space Station; Star Trek was the most ripped off film of the year; Retro Junk; Tracing the journey of a single bit; comic about cars and murder; someone once asked me, ‘how do you go about drawing the face of someone you’ve never seen?’ Dude, Flashface.

Shrigley’s notice; mind over matter; Lem’s lost opera; London, now and then; an existential video game that’s doing the rounds; the world’s first functioning molecular transistor; the future of the World…

The first time I’ve ever done a fistful and not referenced Things.

Via Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen

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