SYMPOSIUMS AT HOME AND AWAY  -  Wednesday May 26th, 2010

I’m not going to write one of those falsely self-deprecating – yet secretly/overtly proud – notices on the wonderful things I have been up to recently (viz: “here is a bit of shameless self-promotion*school-girl giggling*”), I am simply going to say the following:

1. I was involved in a very brief panel conversation at the end of a fascinating two-day conference held at the AA called Architecture’s Pasts. It is available here online. Speakers included Jeff Kipnis, Mark Cousins, Adrian Forty, Brian Hatton, Reinhold Martin, and Brett Steele (and many more).

2. I have a review of another AA symposium Rendering Speculations published in June’s Architectural Review. I’ve seen the issue, and there’s some particularly good pieces in there – including one on H+DeM’s Miami 1111 building/car park and some good visual porn from the Milan design fair.

The image above is purely gratuitous.

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