THE END OF SEVERE TERROR  -  Monday November 29th, 2010
The founding premise of Millennium People – in case you forgot since I mentioned it last week, or you weren’t with us back at the start – is that the period 2001-2007 (the collapse of the Twins to that of the Sub-Prime) was in many ways an extension of the C20th. The spirit of those wild, fear-filled days after 9/11 is already being forgotten & lost to history – though no doubt it will be dragged out for the 10th anniversary next September.

One of the strongest signs that this era is drawing to close is the abolishment of the colour-coded terror alert system. The NY Times reports: “‘the [colours] don’t tell people what they can do — they just make people afraid,’ said Bruce Schneier, an author on security issues. He said the system was ‘a relic of our panic after 9/11′ that ‘never served any security purpose.’

Quelle surprise.

Still, a sign of changing times. Next week I’m sure to hear that the US is losing those silly little flag badges and all…

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