THRILLING WONDER STORIES  -  Monday November 22nd, 2010
“We have always regaled ourselves with speculative stories of a day yet to come. In the polemic visions of Thrilling Wonder Stories we furnish the fictional spaces of tomorrow with objects and ideas that at the same time chronicle the contradictions, inconsistencies, flaws and frailties of the everyday. Slipping suggestively between the real and the imagined they offer a distanced view from which to survey the consequences of various social, environmental and technological scenarios. Thrilling Wonder Stories 2 gathers an ensemble of mad scientists, literary astronauts, digital poets, speculative gamers, mavericks, visionaries and luminaries to spin stories of wondrous possibilities or dark cautionary tales.”

Millennium People will be taking part in Liam Young (AA, TTT) & Geoff Manaugh’s (BB) Thrilling Wonder Stories II symposium this Friday, as live bloggers and traffic controllers on the tweet deck. We will be joined by the inimitable Aram Mooradian (A/E/W), an honorary Millennium Person if ever there was one. While you’re at it, check out what he has to say about MP’s recent contribution to the new AA school newspaper.

As Aram himself notes: be there or be square (live videocast from 1pm shouldn’t be an option).

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