WHERE IN THE WORLD / SCATTERBRAIN  -  Friday November 13th, 2009

If the future dialectic is the real/digital (I’ve heard your comments, just run with it a bit) then a poignant question might be “what of the real is already in the digital (read: Second Life, MMORPGs) and what of the digital is already in the real (read: where on the earth actually is the internet)?”

Also, I toyed with putting this up on Inter 7 (I’ve just put up some images of visualising wireless fields), but decided in the end it was MP worthy. It is a photo-cartoon series I’ve been doing about the future of the Internet, drawing the comparison between the process by which houses with monofunctional rooms (dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc) became open plan (where the open plan is in fact other than the sum of its composite functions) and the changing nature of the Internet from a collection of monofunctional sites (facebook, wikipedia, twitter, etc) into the open plan internet (read Google Wave, and any other of those things).

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